Its you here , and  you will read  what resonates with you .

What if I say that I was a Rapist from my Past Birth who was killed brutally with a 3 feet Dagger  parched across my  Chest thrice ,


and Multiple times after I left my body .  I Can still see that anytime By going reverse in this Life back to that event .

This Event made me a Wonderful and Kind Human Being

How does that sound ? and that’s just when I was below 30 years last time.

We always carry a few incomplete things from our Past and try to complete it .

Alas I m here to complete a few things here .

Born Creative !  And have been lucky to keep my Creativity , Forthrightness and The Ability to communicate without a pretense Intact and Alive .

Have been in Sales , Marketing , Software… and wish to make it big in Internet Marketing Now.

Just to keep you Happy and make you Smile here’s a Mantra that works

” Haev Sxe ”  Oh Yes you read it right 🙂 and I am Happy even the thought gets you smiling .

# The Story  above of me is a Buff , I am just as Cordial as you are before your Mirror .

Keep Missing !