What Does Kundalini Have to Do with Sex and Weight loss

Kundalini – Serpent in the Spine , Boundless Energy ? Or Abundant powers and its Effect on Body Weight .

Why do a Few people who Meditate Daily Never Manage to put on weight ?
What does the word meditation have to do With Weight loss ?

And Not everyone who Meditates has similar effects you think , You are Right

Heres the Core Explanation

One of the Centres we have in Kundalini is the Vishudhdhi Chakra , Or The Throat Centre
This Center Functions in the throat region and stimulates the thyroid Gland [We will talk on Glands if you wish you in details in another post ]
The Thyroid Gland Mainly produces a Hormone Called Throxine
Which is Responsible for our Metabolism [You can google for more details ]

Metabolism is our Bodys Process to convert the Intake [ Food ,Water and Any other Input ] Into Energy .
In Short A few people can Melt all their Fat into Energy and look and stay Slim ,and a Few people cannot and hence can easily add weight to their body .

There are Thousands of examples where People with Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid have been completely Cured just with Meditation -And Which Process you may ask ? – Yes I will share that too :).

Let me Emphasize the Other gland that points to our sexual Organs and then we can talk about the process or meditation that will help you work on Weight Loss ,Thyroid balancing and More Importantly Well being of your Health.

Our Sexual Organs Also secrete  a Hormone called Testosterone or the hormone responsible for Procreation .
Just like a Physical Sex center we have an Adjoining  Spiritual center at the Base of the spine and 4 Fingers above our sex organs ,These Centers Secrete Testosterone. A Spurt of the same will Increase Our Interest in Sexual Activity and a Turn of the same inside into the Spine will help us become Celibates . Procreation – And Creation of One self are the 2 Spheres here . So either we have Sex and procreate Children OR Use the same energy in another form and Create Ourselves.

Testosterone Created in adequate quantities Will keep one Active and hence Fit , lower Testo Levels will Naturally have a An Adverse Effect on the Metabolism and hence with Aging and low Physical Activity people Tend to put on Weight .

This Energy can be easily regulated by Doing Kegels Exercise , Or Mool Bandha , Having a  Simple Diet and Most importantly Restraining ones Imagination About Other Sex .

We have only one Energy That Enters through Our Root Which is the Head ,This Energy is called “Prana ” ,Its used for Hearing ,Talking and all the other Mundane things we do everyday .

The more we keep Thinking the more we inhibit the flow of Prana that showers from the Universe in thru our Head , Hence Watching the breathing for at least 5-10 minutes in a day increase our Prana

Heres the Process /Meditation :
1] Start With Humming In the Lowest Sound Possible , It should be Audible only to you – 3 times 
2] Medium Humming Sound ,Increase the Humming Sound Just a little bit , the Sign that its the right Sound is when you feel Some Light Pressure In your throat and the Belly -5 times .
3] Keeping the Lips Sealed , Humming in a High Pitch -3 times , 
The Sign that this is the right one is when you feel the vibrations in your Forehead and the Head .

Step 2 
Do the same 3 Steps [ 3 – 5 – 3 Times ] But Instead of Humming do it with the “OM ” Sound

Do Ujjayi Breathing whenever Possible Except Before and after Food .[Google for More Info ]
Ujjayi Pranayama – Deep Inhales and Exhalations With the Throat , The Breathing Will have a Sound .

Benefits :
Weight Remains Constant and Balanced.
Metabolism will get Balanced and You will start seeing results in The first Month itself.
Since it helps in Destressing , it helps in ones sexual life also [its never about the time , its about the intensity ] 

Hope this helps ,Please Help With your Comments .

Please let me know if there is anything else that you would like to know about and i can source the information , or share my inputs .

Here are other Living examples
a] Swami Kranti Who lives in Malad Mumbai and has been Doing Dynamic Meditation for years
He has not put on weight not just because of his metabolism but because of the Meditations he does every day
b] Swami Himanshu From Khedbrahma Gujrat

In No manner do i claim to be the Expert , Just Sharing Information in the best Way possible . 

Thanks for reading this Post